Houston’s Underground Tunnels

Apparently, Houston has an extremely intricate series of walkable tunnels that exist below the downtown area. These tunnels, modeled on the ones below Rockefeller Center, while connecting large portions of the downtown area, have not been centrally planned. Instead, “befitting Texans’ distrust of government, most of it is private; each segment is controlled by the individual building owner who deigns to allow the public access during business hours — and then locks the doors on nights and weekends. Some parts, like those belonging to the former Enron buildings now leased by Chevron, are closed to outsiders altogether.” This private component is probably the most astounding part of the entire tunnel network.

2 Responses to “Houston’s Underground Tunnels”

  1. Kenneth Fair September 13, 2007 at 10:02 am Permalink

    It should be pointed out that some of the “tunnels” are actually elevated walkways connecting buildings across streets. A map of the system can be found here.