Buffalo is the Best Commuter City!

As readers of this blog know, I am from Buffalo. Therefore, I read with particular pride the Forbes article Best and Worst Cities for Commuters where Buffalo is crowned the best commuter city in America. Forbes.com looked at the 75 largest metropolitan areas in the United States and examined a variety of factors such as public transit usage, time to get to work if driving, and so forth, in order to get a sense of how good a commuting city each place is.

Buffalo in particular is noteworthy for the following: “Of cities with over 500,000 commuters, fewer people spend an hour or more getting to work in Buffalo than anywhere else in the country.” And I can vouch for this as subjectively true: it feels like everywhere in the Buffalo area is only a few minutes apart. However, it must be mentioned though that part of this is due to the high-capacity roads coupled with a rather large serving of population loss. Nonetheless, a quick commute is a joy to behold.