The Internet for Dummies, First Edition

I was going through some of my books recently, and I came across my copy of a first edition The Internet for Dummies, from 1993. Reading this book took me back to the first download my father and I ever made: Plato’s Republic, via a university telnet. We were so excited by it, we jumped up and down. The current edition of this book is the twelfth, and one can assume it has undergone quite a number of changes.

The original edition explains TCP/IP networking, email, FTP, gopher, telnet, and WAIS. And there are sentences like this: “Most UNIX systems also include a different, somewhat incompatible telnet-like program called rlogin.” As a friend noted, what might have been considered a dummy back then is a veritable power user now. There is also a section on the Web, but it is eight pages long, and discusses a text-based browsing program, as the first graphical browser was still a year away.