Where to Locate Your Super-Lair

Over at the so-amazing-it-shouldn’t-exist blog Law and the Multiverse about legal aspects of superheroes, there is a great discussion of where supervillains could legally locate their base of operations. The authors discuss various issues related to bases in three types of places: land, the high seas, and outer space. While space seems to be the location with by far the least legal complications, the land discussion ia quite intriguing:

You may be surprised to learn that there are a (very) few places left on Earth that are unclaimed by any sovereign nation.  Perhaps the most reasonable is Bir Tawil, a 770 square mile stretch of desert between the borders of Egypt and Sudan.  There isn’t a whole lot there, but at least it’s relatively close to more interesting places, and the neighbors are probably too concerned with their own problems to care about a supervillain moving in next door.