Biography of Carmen Sandiego

Not that surprisingly, the Wikipedia page for the character Carmen Sandiego is extremely detailed:

There are numerous discrepancies in the various media depicting Carmen Sandiego and there are no official rules establishing a correct canon. However, the following seems to have remained consistent throughout all Carmen Sandiego media created since around the mid-1990s:

  1. Carmen Sandiego almost always wears a red trench coat with a matching fedora
  2. ACME Headquarters is located in San Francisco and the leader of ACME is called “The Chief”
  3. Carmen was a brilliant agent for the ACME Detective Agency until she left and formed the Villains’ International League of Evil (V.I.L.E.)
  4. V.I.L.E. seeks to commit incredible thefts and/or cause chaos in other ways while ACME tries to thwart them and capture their agents. In the computer games, the thefts of the minor henchmen are almost always meant to keep ACME occupied before Carmen herself pulls off the “real” crime, usually something monumental and significant to the theme of the game.
  5. Carmen is incredibly, at times almost supernaturally, elusive and her permanent capture would be ACME’s “holy grail”

And yes, the article is much longer than the average Wikipedia article.