What is ‘Internet’ Anyway?

Bryant Gumbel, in January of 1994, is asked to read an email address out loud on the Today show and he is at a loss, especially when it comes to the “a, and then the ring around it”:

This symbol, @, for us is second nature, and this video gives a sense of how technology has changed our lives so rapidly. Gumbel and Katie Couric then go into a discussion about what the Internet is – Gumbel has no clue – and they even ask those off-camera about it. “What is ‘Internet’ anyway?” Gumbel has no idea what is going on:

And interested in more about ‘@’? This symbol has been on keyboards since the first typewriter in 1885, the American Underwood. However, it languished in relative obscurity until it began being used as a separator in email addresses, beginning in 1971.