Fake University Takes Application Fees

Ever hear of the University of Redwood? Don’t be concerned if you haven’t. Apparently, it’s a giant scam designed to take application fees from students in Asia. And what about what’s on the site? Redwood’s site content was simply swiped from Reed College. The Wall Street Journal has more:

The website of a fictitious school called the University of Redwood features a faculty directory and photographs of a campus—most of which in fact belong to Reed. Now, officials are struggling to stop the fraud.

“Our lawyers are seeking to shut the faux Redwood site down,” said Kevin Myers, a spokesman for Reed College, which is in Portland.

Officials at Reed suspect the site is part of a scheme to collect application fees from prospective students in Hong Kong and Asia. After collecting a fee, “a shrewd scammer could wait several weeks, then issue a rejection letter, and the student would never know,” said Martin Ringle, chief technology officer at Reed.

The rest is here, where it gets even crazier.