Why We Need a TV Show About Academia

In a piece at Wired Science, I argue why we need a TV show about academia:

No matter what new sitcoms and dramas the networks dream up this coming fall, I can almost guarantee the absence of one type of show: a show about academia. But a television show about academics — professors, scientist and graduate students — is more necessary than ever before. And with a film being made out of Piled Higher and Deeper — an online comic about the trials and tribulations of graduate students — the time may be right to fill this gaping hole on the small screen.

The West Wing was a great success because the creators used White House staff as advisors, giving viewers a riveting window into the way policy and politics occur in our country. But this desire to see how the sausage is made should not be limited to our government. It can also be extended to how we think about the creation of knowledge.

The rest is here.

And anyone in Hollywood, please feel free to contact me.