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19.20.21: A Study of the Modern Supercity

A new study which examines 19 cities of 20 million people each (and in the 21st century) is about to be undertaken. This study, called 19.20.21, appears to be quite intriguing and I look forward to its results. Check out the site for some interesting urban facts, both historical and recent.

One question though: anyone know who is sponsoring the study? If you have any information about it, please contact me, or put the info into the comments.

(via kottke)

The Shifting Demography of America

The WSJ recently had an article entitled The Realignment of America, by Michael Barone, which attempts to give a finer-grained picture of the demographic shifts in America than the simple ‘the Snow Belt to the Sun Belt’. Barone defines four categories of cities and their associated patterns of change, and then provides a bit of political commentary. These categories are Coastal Megalopolises, Interior Boomtowns, Rust Belt, and Static Cities. Provides a quick summary of some interesting trends in the US.