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Green Space Cools Cities

According to a recent study, adding parks in urban spaces can cool the city by as much as 4°C.

Vegetation cools local temperatures when the water it has absorbed is evaporated from its leaves – much like the cooling effect of perspiration. The researchers say that the increased greenery would not have to involve building new parks. For instance, green roofing – roll-out strips of soil planted with succulents, commonly used in Germany – would have a similar effect.

China Plans a Pre-Fab Green Metropolis

Wired Magazine has an article entitled Pop-Up Cities, about the plan for a large new city near Shanghai, called Dongtan:

Dongtan’s master plan — hundreds of pages of maps, schematics, and data — has almost nothing to say about architectural style. Instead, it outlines the world’s first green city, every block engineered in response to China’s environmental crisis. It’s like the source code for an urban operating system.

There is lots of info and details here about large-scale urban design within the context of being extremely environmentally friendly. A very exciting idea, and an interesting article.