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Unrelated-Content Thursday

A BBC article had the following intriguing photograph and caption:


In other news, I chanced upon the following YouTube video, which apparently is some guy reporting on a project I did a number of years ago (he mentions me and even has a goofy picture of me). He entirely misinterprets the point of the project, but it was mildly entertaining nonetheless:

Spider-Man Week in NYC and Marvel Tourism

Spider-Man is a creature of New York City. Few other cities have the ideal environment of tall buildings in such high density which is perfect for web-swinging. Almost anywhere else and Spidey would spend most of his time just jumping from place to place.

That being said, in honor of the upcoming opening of Spider-Man 3, New York City, is having a weeklong Spider-Man celebration. Events will be everywhere throughout the city, from zoos to libraries to museums.

One blogger, planning for this week, found a copy of a map of the Marvel Universe version of New York City, and tried to find these places in the real world. Here are his photos of Marvel tourist locations

Chicago of “I, Robot”

The movie I, Robot, (very) loosely based on Isaac Asimov’s short stories, takes place in Chicago, in the year 2035. In the movie, the main new addition to the skyline is the US Robotics building. Here are a collection of photographs and charts exploring the architecture and skyline of Chicago from the movie. Attempts are made to place the new building in its setting (complete with a map of where the US Robotics building is located), as well as better understand the skyline design in general.

Lego-Like Buildings

It turns out that there are a lot of buildings that look like they were built out of Legos. I just started a Flickr group devoted to finding all those buildings and places. It is called, appropriately enough, Lego-Like Buildings. Please feel free to join it and add your Lego-like building photos to it.

Note: we don’t want buildings, or models of buildings, that actually were built out of Legos. These are neat, but not the type of neat we’re looking for.

U-Turns in Seoul

You can make U-turns in Seoul at any time from the middle lane; here’s a photograph that shows this quite clearly. And here’s a larger version, which shows it even more obviously. The Wikipedia article about U-turns contains some insight into the rules regulating these turns in some areas of the world.
Also, this photographer took a picture of the same place, but this time made it look like a postcard from the 1950’s. It’s a nice effect.

City of the Future Contest

The History Channel recently ran a contest entitled The City of the Future: A Design and Engineering Challenge, where architecture firms were challenged to present their views of what New York, Chicago and Los Angeles should look like in 2106. Polis has more about the contest here (with a discussion of which entries took into account water issues). Here are also some pictures of the New York entry, which was created by ARO. (via kottke)