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Unrelated-Content Thursday: Eurovision Songs that have become part of the Israeli Music Canon

I had always thought that Eurovision was for light-hearted pop candy, along the likes of ABBA. Thus, I was surprised to discover that numerous songs, which I had thought to have been part of the Israel musical vernacular for just about forever are in fact Israeli Eurovision entries. Apparently, songs I learned when I was little and pictured pioneers singing whilst building kibbutzim and draining swamps are in fact much newer. Here they are below, as well as one that hasn’t weathered the test of time as well, but is nonetheless a reasonable Israeli response to the Bee Gees (and was the first Israeli Eurovision win). Know of any further examples? Please add them in the comments.





Unrelated-Content Thursday

A BBC article had the following intriguing photograph and caption:


In other news, I chanced upon the following YouTube video, which apparently is some guy reporting on a project I did a number of years ago (he mentions me and even has a goofy picture of me). He entirely misinterprets the point of the project, but it was mildly entertaining nonetheless:

Fight between Walk/Don’t Walk Sign Guys

Snickers has a new ad that imagines what would happen if the Walk/Don’t Walk guys in the street signs at crosswalks came to life. The Red and Green guys duke it out, apparently hard-wired to fight their opposite color. The graphics are great and it’s an enjoyable and very watchable ad. Most importantly, it stands up to repeat viewings, which means that one will not go insane seeing it more than once on television. (via veryshortlist)

Time-Lapse Cities

Everyone likes time-lapse photography. Here is a collection of time-lapse films where the growth and development of cities can be clearly seen. First, a building being constructed in London:

Here is a link to another building being built, over the span of eight months (the beginning part reminds me of Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel).

Here is a reconstruction of the population growth in the San Francisco Bay Area, also from Playing With Time.

Last is a page about urban sprawl, with a time-lapse depiction of urban sprawl in Baltimore.

Ant City

YouTube Preview Image

A short film (~10 min.) by John Kieran, Ant City is an entertaining stream-of-consciousness discussion of an ant hill as city, with suitable anthropomorphism used.